ITFIT B2B Platform
for Lifestyle Products

ITFIT made by Samsung C&T, is a B2B platform connecting qualified lifestyle product manufacturers with Samsung’s distribution network. We aim to establish a reliable ecosystem to speed up the business process.
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What’s special about ITFIT?



Manufacturers and customers are reliable companies selected by Samsung C&T. And we are experts in production management, don’t worry and leave the production to us.


Waste no more time on finding products, in ITFIT, manufacturers are ready! Begin production with lightning speed.

Product List

Find out what you need here, manufacturers lined up products for you, and you may also request for customizing.

Sourcing Request

Can’t find the product you want? Feel burdensome selecting reliable supplier? Don’t bother anymore, leave the sourcing to us. You only need to tell us what kind of design, features you want. We gather the quotations and recommend you the most qualified manufacturer that fit your need in a short time.


Get product insight from the product developer and manufacturer. You can get the hottest news directly from the source.

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